Our Story

Mutt Cosmetics was developed in mid 2016 after we rescued our little mutt Snow! Snow, a mix of Bulldog, Basset Hound, and Corgi loves playing outside, rollin’ in the grass, licking anyone that will let her, and eating anything she can get in her mouth.

We started our company when we ran into the issue of keeping our little snow pearly white… and let’s be honest it’s impossible to keep a pup clean forever. They get dirty! After trying dozens of shampoos, sprays, and cleansing towels it became easily apparent that what we needed wasn’t readily available. So instead we fixed our problem ourselves. We rebuilt the idea of bathing and wanted to create our own products that would be able to be incorporated into a more regular routine for our little one.

When deciding we wanted to persue a business within pet care, we knew we wanted to give our customers everything we wanted, but could never find. This is where our philosophy was born. A huge motivation for the innovation of Mutt Cosmetics has always been “transparency”. Go to any local pet supply store, pick up a bottle of shampoo and actually read the label. What we always found in our search was that what was disclosed in the details/ingredients was only what the supplier thought the consumer wants to hear. As a consumer, no matter what you purchase, we believe you have the right to know what you’re putting on your dog! We made the choice to fill our products with delicious fruits, herbs, veggies and searched for alternatives to traditional safe synthetics such as surfactants and preservative, always making sure we had a dogs sensitive skin in mind.

Behind every product we have built a foundation of ethics supporting a natural alternative to pet care, while also supporting the right to spoil the pups we love and have fun doing it!

Our Philosophy

INNOVATION, We Create all our products in house, doing so we are able create products that give your pup an experience they’ve never felt before, so much so they’ll be longing for Bath time.

HANDMADE, Every product is created by humans, never massed produced with heavy machinery, you can always rely on Mutt Cosmetics to produce only the highest quality of Luxurious hand made cosmetics for your pup.

FORMULATED WITH YOUR MUTT IN MIND, Every product has been formulated to be safe for your pups! We have completely reformulated the idea of bathing to bring only the highest quality essential oils and safe synthetics to your pups tub!

VEGETARIAN, We would never harm another animal to produce our product, built on the love of animals this is a no brainer

CRUELTY FREE, All of our products are never tested on animals, only more then welcome human volunteers. We use only the highest grade Human-Ingredients to create our Mutt Cosmetics.