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Affiliate - Bruley

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October Sales Stats

Here are your stats as of 10/1/19. These will update every Sunday night:

 Your Sales 0
Your Profit:  $0
Next Payout: 
$0 on 11/1/2019  (this will update as more sales come in!)


Previous Payout Information 

10/1/19: $56.68 generated from 16 sales

Affiliate Information:

Customers must use code: bruley (caps or no caps -- doesn't matter!) at checkout for sale to be registered with the affiliate code.

Your affiliate code is valid:9/8/19 through 10/31/19 (can be extended!)

You Get:10% commission of the sale of products, excluding taxes and shipping fees.

Your Customer Gets:10% off their order. No minimums or country restrictions.

Your Payout Will Be Sent: at the end of each month.

Your Payout will Be Sent To: PayPal 


Agreement Complete! Need a copy?  Email: support@muttcosmetics.com

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