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How is your product made?
Every product is created by humans, never massed produced with heavy machinery. You can always rely on Mutt Cosmetics to produce only the highest quality of Luxurious hand made cosmetics for your pup.

Where are your ingredients sourced?
All of our ingredients are sourced from the USA. We personally ensure that only the best, most natural ingredients go into every product.

Do you test on animals?
Absolutely not. We only test on willing humans that are obsessed with the smell and formula of our products! We use vet-approved research to formulate the best and safest formulas for dogs.

What happens if my dog drinks the bath water from a bath bomb?
We do not use any toxic ingredients in our product. While we highly discourage your pup from drinking bath water in every instance, we did take this into consideration. Dogs are curious and want to taste. Please keep an eye on your dog when enjoying our products!

What is dog dry shampoo?
Dry shampoo is made for in between bath times / when your pup needs a quick refresh! Sprinkle a quarter-size amount (depending on the size of your pup), massage in and you’re good to go. These are Talc-Free… so no white powder will be left behind.

What is a dog bath bomb?
A dog bath bomb infuses your dogs bath water with oils and butters that will make your dog look and smell amazing! Simply fill up the tub, drop in the water, and let the highest quality essential oils and butters infuse the water for your pup.

Are your shampoos tearless?
while we always say it’s important to never get anything directly in your pups eyes, our shampoo is designed taking inspiration from the same tear-free formula used in baby shampoo. So while we don’t believe there has ever been a shampoo formula human or pup friendly that is 100% tear free, our formal is the closest we have ever found in the market. 

Are you products SLS and Paraben-Free?
Yes! We’re so proud to say our doggie products are formulated to be free of SLS and Parabens.
My dog has sensitive skin. Are your products okay for them?
Yes! We make many products for pups with sensitive skin. Keep an eye out for all of our Rose, Lavender and Oatmeal products! Our Nose and Paw Balms are great, too! Feel free to contact us if you need product suggestions! 

Sensitive Skin Suggestions: Shampoos - Oat of this World & Barking at the Moon. Conditioners - Roses are Red & Sweet Tooth. Leave-In Conditioners: Bloom. All Nose & Paw Balms. All Dry Shampoo.


When will I get my order?
We strive to get your order out as soon as possible! All of our products are hand made (no machines!), so please allow 2-4 business days to fulfill your order. We will send out a tracking number as soon as your order is boxed up. The USPS should deliver your package within 3-5 business days depending on your local post office. International orders may take 7-10+/- business days to arrive. 



I have a different question, comment or concern.
No problem - Feel free to contact us! Email us at  support@muttcosmetics.com -- we will reply during normal business hours.

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