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The Way Your Dogs Shampoo Should Be.


natural dog shampoo

Banish itchiness and irritation with our hypoallergenic oatmeal and aloe shampoo. “Oat of this World” is a dream come true for extremely sensitive pups. Every ingredient in this inflammation-soothing shampoo is added to comfort and cradle your pup to sleep … zzz…

natural dog shampoo

Barking At The Moon is a calming blend of lavender, rose and vanilla.  Lavender and rose oil are used to soothe sensitive skin and vanilla will leave your pup with a soft and shiny coat!


natural dog shampoo

Go Bananas Fresh Shampoo features fresh ripe bananas and olive oil to soften and moisturized a pups coat, while a gentle blend of vanilla, rose, and lavender leave your pups skin soothed and fresh.


Pair with one of our Conditioners for extra shine and hydration!

natural dog shampoo

Sweet Tooth features fresh unprocessed California honey for its ability to lock in moisture and create beautiful shine. Honey has natural antibacterial properties making it perfect for protecting a pup until their next jump in a tub. We infuse fresh Oat Milk for its ability to soothe, protect and restore dehydrated hair and skin. Sweet Tooth takes the cake.  

natural dog shampoo

Roses Are Red conditioner is infused with fresh rose water and Lavender oil to soothe your pups coat and features Fir Needle oil for a earthy deodorizing twist on a classic floral scent. Roses are red will leave your pup feeling spring-time fresh.


natural dog shampoo

Meadow is a blend of 5 citrus juices and oils to add tones of shine and lightweight moisture. Designed to instantly enhance a pups natural coat while also acting as a repellent for pesky bugs. Soak in this tangy conditioners scent of fresh squeezing oranges and summer mowed grass.  


Pups & Their Parents Love Us!

Our Story

We started Mutt Cosmetics back in 2016 after we adopted our little pup Snow (pictured here)! Every bottle of shampoo we saw had ingredients we could not pronounce, and tons of artificial scents, preservatives and foaming agents. That's when we took matters into our own hands! Just like many other pet parents would say, our pup is our child. We wouldn't use just anything on her!

We developed our first shampoo, Barking at the Moon months later after research and input from professionals in the veterinary field. We gave some out for friends and family to try and they all loved it! Thats when we knew -- we needed to help pups all around the world by creating natural, fresh hand made dog care products.

Thanks for stopping by,

Zach & Anthony (And Snow!)
CEO & Founders

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