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Bathing is Fundamental


No matter the breed, age, or personality there is one commonality between every dog owner, our pups are our family, our best friends, our children. We want the best for our fur friends, and bathing is fundamental to a happy life.

The Fundamentals of bathing has been written for years, but understanding the importance of a luxurious bathing experience on your pup is completely new. We’ve only scratched the surface of bathing, but we must look further than the responsibility to clean fido when they make mess, and allow ourselves to perceive bathing for more than what it is face value. Beside a fresh smelling pup, bathing can be utilized to positively affect a pups mental, and physical health.

There is a controversy often affiliated with bathing pups restricting the number of baths required for a healthy pup. One thing we have to consider when determining a bath routine is how much pet care has change. New research has supported a push towards a more natural approach to dog care, and because of this we have slowly seen controversial ingredients begin to disappear in our store bought dog care. The idea that a dog should only be washed as little as 4 times a year was created decades ago when there was absolutely no specification or standards in pet care. The shampoos, sprays, and creams where filled with ingredients that were not created for dogs, and like we see ingredients beginning to be pulled out our own shampoos and conditioners over the years, the same consciousness developed within petcare.

At Mutt Cosmetics we pride ourselves on having the responsibility to constantly be challenging the standards of petcare, and while we’ve seen a large change in the standards of pup bathing products there is still a lot of work to be done. We are constantly look for natural alternatives to traditional bathing. Our SLS free, coconut derived foaming agent used in all our products, know as “Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate” or it’s street name “Baby Foam” (because of its use in many baby shampoos) allowed us to produce a product that not only cleans your pup but also avoids the traditional striping of a pups vital sebum (naturally occuring oil in dogs) protecting their skin and hair found in mass market shampoos.

We often find ourselves running our pups to the nearest shop for a quick wash, but there are huge advantages to at home bathing. By jumping in the tub your allowing your pup to take advantage of a warm baths ability to heal, soothe, and comfort your pup. A spray down at pet store is incomparable to an enriching soak in softened waters and beneficial oils.

Soaking in a tub of warm water can help reduce inflammation through a process in which relieves tension in a pups muscles and joints . This release of tension through a warm bath can help with any aches or pains that you may not even know your dog has. A warm bath of water alone has numerous positive effects on a pup, and its mutt cosmetics job to elevate that experience even further. Our Dog bath bombs are the first of there kind, there formulated to not only infuse the water with beneficial butters and oils but also enrich the water with skin soothing sodium bicarbonate ions. When our mutt cosmetic bath bombs hits the water a fizzy firework show releases these ions into the water, increasing blood circulation and oxygen absorption in pups.

Bathing is fundamental, and the possibilities are endless. imagine after a long mile run how amazing it would feel to use for instance our “Chill” Dog Bath Bomb on your pup, peppermint oil revives, refreshes, and replenishes a dogs body. Every product we produce exceeds the expectation of dog grooming, it’s no longer just about smelling good but also feeling good. Mutt Cosmetics is just getting started, we plan to constantly challenge the industries standards and create innovations that far exceed the bare minimum. We hope you join the mutt cosmetics family and our journey to healthier happier pups.  


Published by Mutt Cosmetics 03/22/18
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